• Amy Rose

Who is Amy Gee?

Hey! I’m Amy, a Norfolk girl currently residing at the seaside!

I’m a huge music fan, my taste ranges from the most screamo metal to traditional folk and everything in between with my first loves being Britpop and Pop Punk. I have a passion for playing the “Spotify Game'' and am the annoying one who takes control of the music but doesn't let a song play for more than ten seconds because I’m so excited to show you the next one!

I go to gigs as often as I can and have watched bands up and down the country, everywhere from Middlesbrough right down to Portsmouth!

Alongside music I love running and have previously completed three marathons including London in 2017 and more half marathons than I can remember. It's not always the easiest hobby when injuries happen, everything aches or the weather is rubbish but it's my happy place, my time away from everything. I do my best thinking when I run, usually about how many calories the run is going to equate to and how much chocolate I can eat!

My other passion bordering on obsession is hedgehogs! Anyone who knows me knows me as the “Crazy Hog Lady” owing to my three pet African Pygmy hogs Squedgetable, Orinoco and baby Ethel. They might be an usual pet that aren't straightforward to care for but they have the best, most unique little personalities and are more than worth the extra effort!

I also support Ipswich Town who are still the “Pride of Anglia” whatever league they're in!


Top 5 bands/Artists?

  1. The Wonder Years

  2. Manic Street Preachers

  3. Therapy?

  4. Thea Gilmore

  5. Half Man Half Biscuit

Guilty pleasure?

  • 90’s dance, I mean who doesn't love a bit of Set You Free?!

First gig you went to/best gig you’ve been to?

  • First: Badly Drawn Boy - Norwich Waterfront, 2001.

  • Best: Manics - O2 London, 2011 (they played all their singles, it was incredible!)

Unrated band you think everyone should know?


Top 5 films?

  1. Grease

  2. The Damned United

  3. Velvet Goldmine

  4. Mike Bassett: Football Manager

  5. Deep Blue Sea

First film you saw at the cinema?

  • Cats and Dogs

Favorite foreign language film?

  • Battle Royale - so brutal, love it!

Who would play you in a film adaptation of your life?

  • Not sure...someone short, slightly eccentric and a little annoying!


Top 5 video games?

Erm, not my fortay at all. Lets see...

  • Olympic Gold, Barcelona ‘92

  • Bust-a-Move

  • Doom for PS1 (but only if I can have the invincibility cheat!)

  • Pokemon Go

  • And erm….Monopoly?

Favourite games console?

  • Obviously the Sega MasterSystem but the ones with Alex the Kidd built in not Sonic!

You're attending a gaming convention who do you cosplay as?

  • It would obviously have to be my namesake from Sonic, Amy Rose.


You’re having a dinner party, you can invite 5 celebrities past or present who would you choose?

  1. Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell

  2. Richey Edwards

  3. Sir. Bobby Robson

  4. Andy Cairns

  5. Tracy Emin

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